Buying and Selling of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals made simple

Create inquiries and post your requirements for free through this intelligently built robust trading tool.


Users can buy or sell metals, find the most competitive deal around their required location. The transaction takes place off-line between the buyer and seller. This app. is only a platform to facilitate buying and selling and is not involved in the final transaction. You can also post photos/ description of your products along with the exact specifications and the ideal price you wish to buy or sell at. The price field is optional and not compulsory.

Easy access

Easy access to ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ forms through the Home screen.


Allows you to enter your Mobile and Company Landline Number.

Indian Market Prices

Allows you to enter the Product Price inclusive and exclusive of Excise Duty for Indian Market.

Geographical location mapping

Geographical location mapping of all available Sellers and Buyers.

International Market Prices

Allows you to indicate the Price Type (FOB, CIF etc.) for International Markets.

Delivery Location

Allows you to fill Delivery/ Warehouse/Port location.

Price Optional

Sellers and Buyers price field is not compulsory.


Communicate with buyers and sellers through Email, Mobile, Landline and WhatsApp