MetalsUpdate Exchange is specifically built with the intent to digitize the physical metals trade. We are advocates for a website/app-based solution for buying and selling physical ferrous and non-ferrous metals as this would be highly beneficial for the entire metals industry.

This website/app has been intelligently designed for the Metals world. All those who need to buy or sell metal raw materials can use it including producers, processors, suppliers, distributors, scrap dealers and traders of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It allows you to buy or sell ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a few easy steps and helps locate the nearest buyer or seller of your product. The location map allows you to zoom in or zoom out to broaden your search coverage area.


MetalsUpdate Exchange is a part of "Shalimar Infotech Pvt Ltd.", a fast growing multi commodity intelligence providing company. Shalimar Infotech’s other popular brands include PolymerUpdate, Polymer Exchange and RACE.